Medical and healthcare interpreters Afghanistan

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Medical and healthcare interpreters - Afghanistan

Medical and healthcare interpreters - Afghanistan

Medical interpreters facilitate communication between patients and doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians. When you are in Afghanistan and have limited ability to speak the local language, it might be very hard for even an experienced doctor to provide high-quality healthcare without having an accurate interpretation performed by a qualified interpreter, with a working knowledge of medical terminology. Very often family members or friends try to interpret in health care settings, which results in errors in understanding and communication between patients and doctors, which poses a high risk to the patient and immense liability to the doctor or hospital. Here, on Babr, you can find and hire medical interpreters in Afghanistan who can accompany you in any clinic and provide face-to-face interpreting between you and your doctor. They can also help you to work with other individuals, such as your family members. They can help you to facilitate support for a treatment plan or translation of a medical report. Medical interpreters can also perform a translation of your medical documents, sometimes orally translating a written document into your language. Sometimes medical interpreters also interpret over the phone or through video. 

Finding the right medical interpreter in Afghanistan is not an easy task, but you need one for a medical examination if you do not speak the local language, since using an unqualified medical interpreter is like using a broken X-ray machine. We recommend the following steps to find qualified medical interpreters:

  • Search Babr website using filters for medical interpreters to find potential candidates.
  • Try to assess the candidate's language skills, to be sure that the interpreter has a good command of the languages you need. Bilingualism may not be sufficient. Try to test the candidate’s knowledge of medical terminology and the code of ethics, ask questions.
  • Ask for proof of experience, training, credentials, and references. The best candidate should hold a certification of medical interpretation from the accredited agency or university.

The price of medical interpretation services in Afghanistan is not cheap, as they spent a lot of time to get a medical certification and learned extensive medical vocabulary. The rates for medical interpreters usually require a two or three hour minimum for services. Medical interpretation rates are quoted higher than other types of interpretation because they required specialized training in the healthcare field and many years of experience. Pricing for certified medical interpreters ranges from 50-200 EUR per hour.