Advertisement on Babr

Select your advertisement option and get targeted trafic to your website

Our website reaches over 400 000 unique visitors per year. Most of our visitors are individuals, businesses, interpreters, and translators. If you are interested in the advertisement on, we offer standard and individual options to advertise your products and services.

We have the following advertisement options:

1. Banner advertisement

Place 1. Size 995х85. Price: 195 EUR/month

Place 2. Size 645х80. Price: 135 EUR/month

Technical requirements for the banners:

  • Banners shall not load a server processor while showing.
  • The banner shall clearly indicate your product or services
  • Banner animation shall not interfere with the main website content
  • Very attractive colors or fast-changing objects are not allowed
  • Banners with compulsory video or audio loading are not accepted
  • The following formats are accepted GIF, JPG, PNG и SWF.
  • You will need to prepare two banners (one for desktop 995х85 px, one for mobile 250х250 px).


2. Advertisement article in the blog

Article placement price: 45 EUR per article.

You should provide an article text, which contains one link to your website.

The article shall be in the translation, interpretation, or localization topic.

The content of the article must have at least 95% uniqueness.


3. E-mail advertisement to interpreters and translators

Price per one time Email: 79 EUR.


If you have any questions please contact our support team at