Business and marketing translation Afghanistan

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Business and marketing translation - Afghanistan

Business and marketing translation - Afghanistan

If you want to expand the borders of your business and go international, you will often need a translation of business and marketing documentation - contracts, website, business profile, correspondence, agreements, tenders, brochures, etc. In the time of globalization, most of the businesses increased contact between people and businesses worldwide, which in turn provides orders to translation services in the business field. Whether you need to translate an agreement or a letter of credit, export, or import documents, here you will find experienced business and marketing documentation translators in Afghanistan. You can filter the translators according to the subject specializations and the languages required and you will easily find dozens of translators to provide translations that are sensitive to your audience. The will tailor ll translations to your business needs and you can rely on them for expert translation, localization, editing, and formatting services.

What business and marketing documents require translation:

  • Leaflets, brochures, cards, advertising campaigns, releases, business correspondence.
  • Websites, presentations, catalogs, studies, newsletters, papers, contracts, and agreements.
  • Flyers, scripts, websites, slogans, logos, presentations, products, press releases.
  • Corporate communication, tender documentation, business plans, marketing research.

The price of a business and marketing documents translation in Afghanistan depends on various factors. The first factor being the urgency and complexity of the document. A translation of complex business documents like audit reports or letters to the minister requires much more effort and attention compared to a translation of simple business correspondence. The second factor affecting the price is the length of a business document to be translated, i.e. the number of characters/words. A source and target language may also affect the price of the business or marketing document translation, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of marketing materials from Hindi to Japanese will cost much higher compared to a translation from Italian to English, simply because fewer business translators available for this language combination. Also, the price might be affected by formatting requirements, if the document contains many tables or special characters, the price can go higher as the translator will spend more hours on this.  If you need urgent or a specific type of business/marketing document translation like for example, certified translation of audit report - these all will affect the price too. An average price for a certified court document translation in Afghanistan starts from 0.08 EUR per word. The translation of a standard court document costs on average 20 EUR per A4 page, which includes 250 words or 1800 characters.