Judicial or court documents translation Afghanistan

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Judicial or court documents translation - Afghanistan

Judicial or court documents translation - Afghanistan

Judicial or court document translation focuses on texts and documents which regulate the relationships between individuals (or businesses) and judicial bodies (mostly courts), and those that could be considered texts for the application of the law during the court proceedings. The judicial or court document translation in Afghanistan is the translation of any document that is part of a judicial or court proceeding. When you submit documents to the court, most of the time they will require a certified translation to ensure any translation submitted is a true and precise word-for-word translation of the source document.

What court/judicial documents may require a certified translation:

  • Birth or marriage certificates, divorce proceedings, identity documents.
  • Claims, property deeds, lawsuits, appeals, statements, injunctions.
  • Power of attorney, judgment, arbitration awards, acts, court cases, charters, decrees.
  • Orders, summons, notarial deed, writ, reports, notices, opinions, interrogations, subpoenas.
  • Contracts, agreements, NDA, terms and conditions, regulations, complaints, powers of attorney.
  • Criminal procedures, legal releases, letters of intent, company statutes, survey reports.

The price of a court documents translation in Afghanistan depends on various factors. The first factor being the urgency and complexity of the document. A translation of complex court documents like judgments or decrees requires much more effort compared to a translation of a passport or ID card. The second factor affecting the price is the length of a court document to be translated, i.e. the number of characters/words. A source and target language may also affect the price of the judicial document translation, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of a court document from Arabic to Swahili will cost much higher compared to a translation from English to Spanish, simply because fewer judicial translators available for this language combination. Also, the price might be affected by formatting requirements, if the document contains many tables or special characters, the price can go higher as the translator will spend more hours on this.  If you need urgent or a specific type of judicial/court document translation like for example, sworn translation, certified translation - these all will affect the price too. An average price for a certified court document translation in Afghanistan starts from 0.10 EUR per word. The translation of a standard court document costs on average 25 EUR per A4 page, which includes 250 words or 1800 characters.