Multimedia translation & localisation Afghanistan

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Multimedia translation & localisation - Afghanistan

Multimedia translation and localisation - Afghanistan

With increased globalization, many companies worldwide have expanded their operations abroad and gained increase sales and revenues. One barrier which all of them had to overcome is a cultural and language difference. Language barriers and cultural differences abroad exist not only with potential clients or partners but also internally within the company. This is the reason why many companies require a multimedia translation across the company. Reaching out to more customers abroad will provide immediate benefits that companies receive along with a good return on investment. Many companies have realized the need for translation of multimedia content, which includes images, video, text, sound, presentations, visual and audio advertisements. Translating multimedia content is more complex, which is why we recommend you choose the best multimedia translation experts in Afghanistan, which will help you to bridge the gap between audiences and increase market penetration. The localization of multimedia also ensures that all needs of the target market are considered and the messages conveyed suit them efficiently.

Some of the multimedia translation and localization services offered:

  • Translation of audios, videos, movies.
  • Translation of subtitles, transcriptions, dubbing, subtitling, commentary.
  • Translation of narration, audio description, animation, doubling.
  • Translation of remake, voice-over, lip-sync, captioning.

The price of a multimedia translation and localization in Afghanistan depends on many things. The first factor being the urgency and complexity of the multimedia. A translation of long duration video with lip-syncing requires much more effort and expertise compared to a translation of a leaflet or AdWords advertisement text. A source and target language may also affect the price of the multimedia translation and localization, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of a video from Indonesian to Mongolian will cost much higher compared to a translation from French to Spanish, simply because fewer multimedia translators available for this language combination. Also, the price might be affected by formatting requirements, the price for complex format translations can go higher as the translator will spend more hours on this. If you need urgent multimedia translation, you can expect 20 to 30% increase in price. An average price for a multimedia translation in Afghanistan approximately 15-20 EUR per minute for translation (plus the 2-8 EUR per minute transcription costs). However, transcriptions don't usually involve nonstop, continuous speech. So in most cases, 20 minutes of the continuous audio translation will cost withing the range of 100-300 EUR.